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1st CAU Residents’ Forum

On October 18, during the CAU Congress Bolivia 2017, in Santa Cruz, the 1st CAU Residents’ Forum will take place. The Congress organization has given us a 90 minutes slot to carry out an interactive activity between residents and CAU professors. The objective will be for residents to present their research works and then discuss the design, content and conclusions with the professors.

Dr. Gutiérrez J., Dr. Torrico M., Dr. Palou J., Dr. Secín F. and Dr. Santomil F. will be participating and sharing the best academic atmosphere.

Residents from the different CAU societies interested in participating should submit an abstract of their work, until August 31. Five papers will be selected for presentation.


CAU Bolivia 2017 Congress

On October 17-21, 2017, Bolivia welcomes all Ibero American brothers to the most important urological event in the region. The Organizing Committee of the American Confederation of Urology “CAU-Bolivia 2017” faces the challenge of organizing this event with great enthusiasm and responsibility.

The meeting will take place in Santa Cruz de la Sierra city, as it represents the ideal conditions from the point of view of logistics and convenience for our guests. The organizing committee is in a continuous negotiation process with hotels and airlines to offer each member and participant the best prices and the highest quality in transportation, accommodation and other services. Also, there will be different touristic options to enjoy and discover this beautiful and mysterious country.

Aiming to provide a program of the highest academic level, the organizing committee will count on the support of professors of the highest international prestige who are part of the American Confederation of Urology 'CAU', the American Urological Association 'AUA', the European Association of Urology 'UAE'. Also, it is important to mention that the final program will be ready and published in May 2017, at the AUA Congress in Boston.

We invite you to visit our website, where you will find all the necessary information, you my access the early bird registration and benefit from the meeting courses for free. We also invite all participants to submit, through our website, papers, posters and videos until May 15, 2017.


Multicenter Studies Research Platform (MSRP-CAU).

Last November, the Executive Committee of the American Confederation of Urology (CAU) and the President of the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU), José Manuel Cózar, signed a collaboration agreement for the independent use of the Multicenter Studies Research Platform (MSRP-CAU). The MSRP-CAU is computer based tool for data storage, collection and management, that will be useful for CAU members to develop multicenter studies. This tool allows to storage and manage date from: - Records databases (retrospective) - Records databases (prospective). The Research Office, directed by Dr. Gerardo López Secchi, will inform the guidelines for the studies evaluation, and the use of the MSRP-CAU. During the Meeting for Residents in Urology, that took place in Mardel Plata, Argentina, Dr. Ana María Autrán, Scientific Coordinator of the Research Office, presented the platform and participated in the Critical Reading and Elaboration of a Scientific Article Course. The residents who participated in this course, in Mar del Plata, have presented a project, through Fernando Santomil, in charge of the CAU Residents Office. This project is being evaluated by the Research Office. We would like to invite you to be part of it!

Marcelo Torrico